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City of Northampton, Massachusetts
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Streetlight Modification Request Form (Public use)

  1. Streetlight Modification Request Form
  2. New, Modify or Remove Streetlight Request
  3. Type of Requests:*
  4. *Provide House Number and Street Name
  5. *An application to remove a streetlight must be accompanied by a map identifying all of the residents living within 500 feet along any road in any direction of this streetlight and a document signed by a representative of each of these residences stating that they are in agreement regarding removal of this streetlight.
    The City of Northampton has conducted mapping studies to determine the best locations for streetlights to maximize both public safety and energy efficiency. If a city resident wishes to add an additional streetlight at or near their property, the resident can contract directly with National Grid at their own expense to facilitate the installation and ongoing operation of said streetlight. Any streetlight installed through this process must comply with all aspects of Northampton's lighting ordinance (§ 350-12.2 of Northampton’s Zoning law). The City of Northampton has evaluated the streetlights installed in 2016 to determine an area around each lamp where the light from the lamp may cause an inordinate amount of light trespass into the window of a home situated within that area. If a city resident’s home lies outside this area of illumination but they still wish to add a streetlight shield to a streetlight that is illuminating some part of their residence they can contract with the city to have a shield installed that is designed to reduce light directed at the resident’s home. The city will determine which shield is installed. The resident will be provided a price for this service that covers material and labor.
    The denial of a request under Sections I-A through I-C, inclusive, may be appealed to the Mayor. Such appeal shall be filed in writing with the Mayor within ten (10) days of the date of such denial. The Mayor may grant such appeal upon a finding that the denial was based upon erroneous application of Site Evaluation criteria, or that there are significant extenuating circumstances that warrant deviation from the Site Evaluation criteria.
    Once the city has determined that there are adequate funds available in the current fiscal year, Central Services will place a service request for the approved task. Please be aware that it may take up to an additional four (4) months to complete the request. Equipment will need to be purchased and the city has to schedule or contract for the work around bad weather and other priorities. You can contact Central Services and we will try to track the progress of the request for you.
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