Mayor's Office


The Northampton Mayor is the city’s highest ranking official who performs administrative, political, and ceremonial municipal functions. The mayor also serves Ex-Officio as the Chair of the Northampton School Committee, a trustee for Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School, Chairman of the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority Advisory Board, and a member of the Board of Trustees for the Academy of Music Theatre and Look Memorial Park.


The mayor is the city’s chief executive officer and is responsible for the administration of all city departments. Specifically, the mayor and his staff are responsible for the enforcement of all city laws and ordinances, the implementation of economic development and community development initiatives, the appointment of some department heads and members of many boards and commissions, and the submittal of a balanced budget to the City Council.

Community Involvement

The mayor’s office also serves as an organizing vehicle for community groups and agencies of all types and is city government’s most visible center for constituent services and problem solving. The mayor also represents the interests of the city to other levels of government.

The mayor participates in a number of regional, statewide and national municipal and educational policy boards, such as the Massachusetts Mayor’s Association, the Economic Development Council of Western Massachusetts, and the Massachusetts Municipal Association. Economic Development and the Finance Director also participate in regional and local professional organizations geared toward finance issues, economic development, and other effective tools for enhancing local government and the community.

Request a meeting

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