Fiscal Transparency

Each year, the City of Northampton works hard to make its financial information more accessible and understandable to both engage residents in the process and to ensure maximum transparency.

Bond Ratings - A credit rating assigned to a municipality to help investors assess the future ability, legal obligation, and willingness of the municipality to make timely debt service payments. Stated otherwise, a rating helps prospective investors determine the level of risk associated with a given fixed-income investment. Rating agencies, such as Moody's and Standard and Poors, use rating systems, which designate a letter or a combination of letters and numerals where AAA is the highest rating and C1 is a very low rating. 

Trust Fund Reports - In general, a fund for money donated or transferred to a municipality with specific instructions on its use. As custodian of trust funds, the treasurer invests and expends such funds as stipulated by trust agreements, as directed by the commissioners of trust funds or by town meeting. Both principal and interest may be used if the trust is established as an expendable trust. For non-expendable trust funds, only interest (not principal) may be expended as directed.

Budgets - The City of Northampton's plans for allocating resources to support particular services, purposes and functions over a specified period of time.

Employee Gross Salaries - A listing of gross salaries for all City of Northampton employees.

Independent Audit - An examination of a community's financial systems, procedures, and data by a certified public accountant (independent auditor), and a report on the fairness of financial statements and on local compliance with statutes and regulations. The audit serves as a valuable management tool for evaluating the fiscal performance of a community.

Open Checkbook - Northampton's Open Checkbook includes the city's operating budget from fiscal year 2014 and forward and spending information for all city departments.

Financial Policies

Example of Visual Budget Revenues