Car Dealer Licenses

  1. Class I
  2. Class II
  3. Class III

Any person who is a recognized agent of a motor vehicle manufacturer or a seller of motor vehicles made by such manufacturer whose authority to sell the same is created by a written contract with such manufacturer or with some person authorized in writing by such manufacturer to enter into such contract, and whose principal business is the sale of new motor vehicles, the purchase and sale of second hand motor vehicles being incidental or secondary thereto, may be granted an agent's or a seller's license (Class I).

Class I Car Dealer licenses are issued on an annual basis with a fee of $200.

License Classes

There are three different types of car dealer licenses, Class I for new car dealers, Class II for used car dealers, and Class III for junk/salvage car dealers. Mass. General Law Chap. 140 §58 details these license classes.

Documents required to apply: