Liquor Licenses

Annual Liquor Licenses

Liquor licenses are governed by Mass General Laws Chapter 138 and the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC). All of the forms needed to apply for a liquor license transaction can be found online.

The availability of annual licenses is determined by population and currently the City of Northampton is over its limit for annual licenses per population. Therefore, the City of Northampton does not have any annual all alcohol licenses available.

Seasonal Liquor Licenses

  • Seasonal Liquor Licenses run from April 1 to January 15.
  • Seasonal Wine and Malt Restaurant Licenses have an annual fee of $1,433.

Package Store Licenses

There are two different types of package store licenses: All Alcohol and Wine and Malt. The City of Northampton does not have any package store licenses available.

State Licenses

Applications for Farmer Brewery, Farmer Winery, Pub Brewery, Manufacturer, Warehouse, Wholesaler, Caterer, and other state licenses must be submitted directly to the ABCC.