Artist of the Month

October Artist of the Month: Olwen Dowling

What medium/s do you use for your art?

 I will be exhibiting my work in Intaglio Copper Etchings.  I have been a member at Zea Mays Printmaking in Florence for almost 2 decades. I am also a painter but I was very interested and intrigued by Intaglio Etching. I took a few classes in College and decided to study it further, not realizing it was one of the oldest forms of etching since the 15th century. 

What is your background?

When asked the question “ What is your background”. I feel as like I have lived many lives in the art world. I was training as a visual artist when I got drawn into the ‘family business of theatre’. I worked in professional theatre for 20 years in production and then administration.  I was one of the founders of The Chester Theater Company in the Berkshires. I decided in the early 90’s to return to my first love of Visual Arts and started by returning to college and completing my degree in Studio Art and Biology. I started working professionally and have not stopped. Printmaking became part of my art and now I work in many mediums:  Intaglio Etching, Monotype, Drypoint, watercolor, and oils. 

How long have you been doing this type of art?

I have been doing this art for two decades. I know how fortunate I am having dealt with the pandemic .  It has sustained me. 

What inspires you?

My art is informed by my background and training which includes Biology focusing on Plant Life. I am currently very interested in exploring the Sea Beds and Ocean plant life. My degrees in Studio Art and Plant Biology have blended together in my approach to my art. 

My art can be seen on my website ( There is a Shop section on the menu which shows what pieces are for sale.  mpty heading

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