File annual short-term rental registration

A short-term rental is a dwelling unit or a room within a dwelling, which is leased to an individual or a group for less than 28 days at a time. (A room for rent within an owner-occupied dwelling unit is an allowed accessory use for any dwelling unit.)

Zoning related to short term rentals

  • 350-2.1 - Definition
  • 350-URA Table Attachment 6:3 & 6:4  and URB Table Attachment 7:3 & 7:6  
  • 350-URC Table Attachment 8:4 
  • 350-Attachment 2 
  • 350-CB Attachment 9, EB Attachment 10, HB Attachment 12, OI Attachment 16
  • 350-PV Attachment 19
  • 350-Amend Tables: WSP, SC,SR,RR- Attachment 24, 18, 5, 4

Annual Registration


Annual registration is required and is valid for the year in which registration is completed and expires on December 31 each year. Use the registration submission form below to complete annual registration:


Once you are registered at the local level, you must also register with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue