Permits, Code & Regulations

Application for all Planning & Sustainability permits (read before applying)

We all love our projects, but some are not eligible for a permit. We recommend that you talk to staff before applying for a permit and make sure that your project can be approved before you spend the money and time to apply. 

1. APPLY ONLINE (link at the end of these instructions)

2. PAY FEES ONLINE--you MUST pay online to complete your application >> PAY FEES ONLINE <<

3. SUBMIT PAPER COPIES - Folded plans are required for all plans larger than 8.5" by 11".
 Application packets MUST be collated. Please, NO plastic bindings.

Submit one copy of your On-Line Payment receipt. Submit hard copies of your APPLICATION with supporting materials, including zoning permit/building department review in collated packets to Planning & Sustainability. Number of packets as follows:

  • Approval Not Required survey: Mylar (rolled) and FOUR copies of both application and folded plans
  • Central Business Architecture: Digital submission plus three copies entire package, Submittal Criteria
  • Historic District Certificate of Appropriateness: Eight copies entire package
  • Historic District Certificate of Non-Applicability: One application and supporting information
  • Planning Board Site Plan, Special Permits, West St. Architecture: 14 copies entire package (3 plans may be reduced scale),
  • Zoning Board Special Permits, Finding, Appeals: 10 copies entire package.
  • Zoning Board Comprehensive Permits: 19 copies entire package (5 plans may be reduced scale),

FOR CONSERVATION COMMISSION FILING ONLY: Provide nine copies entire package, including  copies of the state wetlands application application, and copy of local fee PAYMENT receipt. Consult with staff to determine if the number of hard copies can be reduced. IF filing a Notice of Intent, amendment request or ANRAD, include one abutters list and an affidavit (DOC) that you notified abutters (DOC) of your application. Request abutters list from our GIS coordinator.


Pickup a yellow sign from Planning & Sustainability and post it on the subject property. (NOT for ANRs and Historic District non-applicability). We will email you a public hearing notice which you must print and insert in the public hearing sign. RETURN the sign to Planning & Sustainability on the day of your hearing.  Staff will take care of any required newspaper advertising.

  • Note: for Demolition Delay, see Building--demolition delay is part of building permit process

5. APPLY ONLINE--pay online (see #2 above) to complete

Complete your application online and press SUBMIT. Larger projects: upload digital plans/materials or submit on storage device. PRINT BEFORE exiting.

After Filing and Other Tips

  • Within 21 days, staff will act on your application or notify you if additional information is required
  • Generally, within 21 days ANR plans will be ready for pick up
  • IF your project includes work within a public way, either because you need city services or it is a condition of a permit, you MUST obtain Prevailing Wage rates from the City and you MUST pay those wages to your employees.
  • If the property has no street number, enter 0 for street number.
  • Everything you file will be on the Internet and in the public domain. Do NOT include confidential information.