Central Business Architecture Committee

About the Committee

The Central Business Architecture Committee oversees the Central Business Architecture Ordinance, whose purpose is to preserve and enhance the pedestrian-scale character, culture, economy of downtown Northampton by preserving historic and architecturally valuable buildings and features, and by encouraging compatible building design. A volunteer board composed of representatives from the real estate industry, the Chamber of Commerce, the Northampton Historical Commission, the building and construction trades industry and a registered architect come together as needed for technical assistance and public hearings for permit applications for downtown renovation and construction projects requiring design review.

Central Business Regulations

Board Bylaws (Common bylaws for Central Business Architecture, Conservation Commission, Historical Commission, Planning Board, and Zoning Board).


    Architect rep.

  • Bridget Goggins, Realtor rep.
    Term expires June 2022
  • Joseph Blumenthal, Vice Chair
    Chamber of Commerce rep.
    Term expires June 2024
  • VACANCY, Building Trade/Construction Industry rep.
  • VACANCY, Historical Commission rep.
  • Melissa Frydlo, Alternate
    Term expires June 2026
  • Emily Wright, Alternate
    Term expires June 2026

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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