Solid Waste Division

Changes to Solid Waste Operations effective Tuesday, March 17, 2020:

  • The transfer station at 125 Locust Street is open: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 7am-4pm. The station will be closed on Wednesdays.
  • All Glendale Road transfer station operations are suspended until further notice. This includes the collection of bulky waste, tires, large metal items, Freon-containing appliances, electronics, universal waste, and leaf/yard waste.
  • Blue bags may be purchased only at various retail stores in Northampton (pdf) and can no longer be purchased at the transfer stations or at the office at 125 Locust Street.
  • Exact change cash payment or check will be the only form of payment accepted for disposal of fee-based items at Locust Street.  No change will be made and there will be cash/lock boxes where payments can be deposited.
  • All waste reduction events are cancelled until further notice.
  • The opening of the ReCenter Swap Shop is postponed until further notice.
  • Questions should be directed to the DPW at

The Public Works Recycling and Solid Waste Division provides municipal drop-off collection of all types of household discards at two transfer stations and during special events at Smith Vocational High School. We promote waste reduction through resident composting, reuse, and recycling opportunities.

Image of Solid Waste Operations MapCity Solid Waste Operations

Transfer Station Access and Regulations

Annual permits grant access to both the Locust Street and the Glendale Road Transfer Stations based on a fiscal year calendar (July 1 through June 30). The $25 permits may be purchased by Northampton, Florence and Leeds residents at a transfer station, the Public Works office, and online. Special elderly & disabled permits (PDF) and means-based discounts (PDF) are available. Permit holders gain the cost-saving option of bringing their own household waste to the Locust Street Transfer Station weekly on a pay-as-you-throw basis (recycling is free). Permits also grant access to many other reuse, recycling and bulky or hard-to-manage waste disposal options (see overview (PDF) and Transfer station policies, fees, and hours (pdf)), including the ReCenter Swap Shop. All vehicles transporting large loads of material to a transfer station are subject to the City’s Truck Load Covering Ordinance (PDF).

Household trash must be placed inside City of Northampton blue, pre-paid, SMART (Save Money and Reduce Trash) bags, which may be purchased at the Public Works office and participating SMART trash bag retailers (PDF). Please contact us with questions about this program. View the following link Recycling & Transfer Stations Regulations (PDF 5/19) for the regulations list.

Please note that in the event of inclement weather, both transfer stations (Glendale Road and Locust Street) will follow the City of Northampton closure schedule.

Locust Street Transfer Station
125 Locust Street, Northampton, MA 01060
Hours: Monday - Saturday 7am - 4pm. Closed Sundays and all holidays observed by the City of Northampton.

The Locust Street Transfer Station is the only location that accepts standard household trash and recyclables (paper, cardboard, bottles & cans). All household trash must be placed inside pre-paid SMART bags. Compostable food scraps and food-soiled paper, used automotive and vegetable oils, small pieces of scrap metal, antifreeze, rechargeable and vehicle batteries, used books, and textiles/clothing, shoes and accessories are also collected at this site.

Glendale Road Transfer Station
170 Glendale Road, off Route 66, Northampton, MA 01062
Hours: Wednesdays 8am - Noon and Saturdays 7am - Noon. Closed all holidays observed by the City of Northampton.
Please note: If you have a car or truck load of material, plan to arrive no later than 11:40 a.m.

The Glendale Road Transfer Station accepts bulky waste (mattresses, tires, large metal items, appliances, bulky rigid plastics, electronics, and propane tanks), mercury waste (light bulbs, thermostats, etc.), and leaves and grass clippings (no brush) in the primary transfer station area (Gate One). The ReCenter Swap Shop is located at this transfer station.

A seasonal leaf and yard waste collection area opens from 7AM to 3:45PM on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month between April 1st and November 30th, for large loads of brush, yard waste, and leaves. This area is accessed from Glendale Road through Gate 2, North of the main entrance to the transfer station.