Getting Married

Before you begin:

With the proper documentation any couple can get married as long as each person is 18 or older, and currently not married. Read our steps below to familiarize yourself with the process before scheduling your appointment.

Please keep in mind a marriage license is only good to use for 60 days in Massachusetts from the date you applied. You also can't use the marriage license outside of Massachusetts. You have to get married in the state.

First Step: Filing your Marriage Intentions

Marriage intentions are by APPOINTMENT ONLY, we do not accept walk-ins. Both parties must be present before we begin the process of completing the paperwork. 

Schedule an appointment

If you are unable to keep the appointment, please contact us at (413) 587-1224.

On the Day of your Scheduled Appointment:

You must bring all the materials required:

  • A certified copy of your record of birth AND State Issued Identification (or Passport)
  • Your social security number (If you have one. The card is not required but the number must be provided.)
  • Information about your marriage plans (who will perform the service, date of the service, etc.) We do not have an officiant in our office to perform ceremonies.
  • Filing Fee of $40 (payable in cash or card payment only, and is non-refundable)

Your appointment will take place at the City Clerk's office in City Hall, please let someone in our office know when you have arrived and we will meet with you to complete the paperwork and administer the oath.

Please Note:

  • There is a 3-day waiting period before you can pick up your license for use.
  • Your marriage license expires 60 days from the date that you file your marriage intention.
  • The marriage cannot be solemnized by your officiant without the license in hand.
  • Massachusetts Law requires couples to have a valid marriage license to get married in the state.

NOTE: The Office is observing all safety standards to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as established by the Northampton Health Department. We reserve the right to deny services to members of the public who are not wearing face coverings or adhering to protocols necessary to prevent the spread of germs. Please reschedule if either party is sick or has COVID-19 related symptoms.   

Second Step: Pick up your license

After your three day waiting period you must obtain your license in-person from our office.

Third Step: Ceremony


We do not have an officiant in our office and we cannot perform services. A Massachusetts minister, priest, rabbi, or justice of the peace can officiate the ceremony. You can also have a friend or family member marry you with a One-Day Marriage Designation. Clergy from outside of Massachusetts can marry you as long as they get state authorization.


To register your marriage, the person performing your ceremony needs to complete the license and return it to the City. This can be sent by mail or returned in-person.


City Clerk’s Office
210 Main Street, Room 4
Northampton, MA 01060


After the wedding, if you want a copy of your marriage certificate they are $15 per copy, and you will need to submit a request online or give us a call to prepare it for pick-up. Click here for more information.

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