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About the City Council

The City Council is elected by Northampton voters. The city is divided into seven wards comprised of an equal number of voters in each. Ward Councilors are elected by their respective wards. There are two at-large members who are voted on by the entire Northampton electorate. The term of office for City Councilors is two years.

The City Council is the legislative body for the city and exercises its powers in accordance with Article 2 of the City Charter. The City Council is responsible for adopting the budget, adopting city ordinances, approving non-scheduled appropriations, approving appointments to multi-member boards, and approving city tax rates. The City Council is also responsible for retaining an independent auditor to examine the city’s financial documents on an annual basis.

The City Council elects a Council President who serves as the presiding officer at all City Council meetings. The City Council conducts normal business on the first and third Thursday of each month, except in July and August when only one meeting is scheduled per month. In the absence of the Council President, the Council Vice-President (also elected by the City Council) will serve as the presiding officer.

The City Council also has four standing committees consisting of four city councilors on each committee: Committee on Finance, Committee on Legislative Matters, Committee on City Services and the Committee on Community Resources. Each committee elects a Chair and Vice-Chair. Most committees meet once per month, with the exception of the Committee on Finance which meets more frequently.

The City Council employs an Administrative Assistant to the City Council to provide support and record keeping for all City Council activities.