Metered Parking Zone Rental Program

The Meter Bag Rental Program is designed for contractors, residents, businesses and organization who need to use a particular area within a metered parking zone.

Authorized uses:

  • Construction
  • Moving trucks
  • Public events

Unauthorized uses:

  • Commercial advertisement
  • Mobile food vendors (for use within the central business district or in areas zoned General Business in Florence).

Neither designated handicap parking spaces nor 15-minute parking spaces shall be blocked by a meter bag.

A deposit of $25 per bag and $5 per key is required at the time the bags are picked up. A charge of $7.50 per bag is levied for each day the bag is out of this office. This includes Saturdays. There is no charge for Sundays and Holidays. All meter bags must be removed when work is completed for the day. Any bags left on meters overnight will result in the removal of the bags and will forfeit your right to rent meter bags in the future. The deposit will be returned when bags and keys are returned in good condition.

For more information please contact the parking office at 413-587-1025.