Museums & Galleries

Calvin Coolidge Presidential Library and Museum
Located in the Forbes Library, the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Room is home to a collection of papers, photographs, artifacts, and memorabilia associated with the political and personal life of President Calvin Coolidge (1872-1933), 30th President of the United States and former Mayor of Northampton.

David Ruggles Center for Early Florence History and Underground Railroad Studies
The David Ruggles Center is committed to providing a regional archive for the study of the Underground Railroad. The Center is a member of the Massachusetts Underground Railroad Network. The Ross Homestead in Florence is one of the Western MA sites included in the National Park Services Underground Railroad Network to Freedom program.

In 1842, a utopian community was formed in Florence, MA called the Northampton Association of Education and Industry. The founders, a mixed group of abolitionists, farmers, and silk manufacturers, supported William Lloyd Garrison and the immediate abolition of slavery and wanted to join together with others who shared these beliefs.

The community planned an egalitarian enterprise around silk manufacturing. For Association members, silk was both practical and ideological and it did not depend on slavery, and labor to make and it could be shared among men, women, and children. The Northampton Association quickly became a hotbed of radical abolitionism, religious reform, and democratic experimentation.

During its existence, the community attracted national figures including Sojourner Truth, William Lloyd Garrison, David Ruggles and Frederick Douglass. During the four-and-a-half years of the Association, over 200 people would join the community, living out their beliefs in equality and fair economic principles.

Historic Northampton
The Historic Northampton museum showcases our local history.

Smith College Museum of Art
The Smith College Museum of Art showcases temporary exhibitions and masterworks from its collection, including its internationally known French Impressionist paintings. 25,000 objects in one of the nations finest teaching collections.

Additional Museums

Image of: Arts Night Out logoArts Night Out

Also known as the Monthly Gallery Walk, the second Friday of every month,is an event hosted by Northampton art spaces to promote creative works and community. This monthly gallery walk offers the opportunity to enjoy a Friday night in town while experiencing diverse visual and performing arts.

Northampton Galleries

A.P.E Ltd.
Available Potential Enterprises, Ltd. exists to support contemporary artists working in all disciplines, by preserving and supporting the spaces in which they create, perform and exhibit their work.

Anchor House of Artists, the New England Visionary Artists Museum
Subsidizing and representing marginalized artists, creating a vessel for professional and self-taught creative collaboration, and building the platform for a stronger, diverse, and economically just art establishment in the region and beyond.

beryl gallery showcases American crafts and jewelry created by artists throughout the country.

Hosmer Gallery at the Forbes Library
Check the city's two public libraries for special exhibits throughout the year. The Hosmer Gallery at the Forbes Library is a valued showcase for local artists.

Northampton Center for the Arts
The Northampton Center for the Arts is a culturally diverse art exhibits of area artists and is dedicated to providing a place where people can dance, display art, make music, perform theater and be immersed in the creative process.

R. Michelson Galleries
R. Michelson Galleries works with local and internationally known artists.

William Baczek Fine Arts
The William Baczek Fine Arts gallery features contemporary american realism in a variety of fine art media.