What happens if I do not comply?

If it is determined that a violation of this ordinance has occurred, the Mayor's designee (Health and Human Services Inspectors) shall issue a warning notice for the initial violation. 

If an additional violation of this ordinance has occurred within one year after a warning notice has been issued for an initial violation, the Mayor's designee shall issue a notice of violation and shall impose a penalty against the food or retail establishment. Each penalty of this ordinance’s clauses shall be no less than:

  1. $50 for the first offense
  2. $100 for the second offense and all subsequent offenses

Payment shall be made within twenty-one (21) days to the City Clerk. Non-payment of such fines may be enforced through civil action in the Northampton District Court. No more than one (1) penalty shall be imposed upon a food or retail establishment within a seven (7) calendar day period. 

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