What types of bags can I use?
Reusable bags - bags that have a thickness greater than 3.0 mils and are specifically designed for multiple use and are made of thick recyclable plastic, cloth fabric or other durable materials that do not decompose into harmful chemical components. A reuseable bag may be recyclable or compostable and is specifically designed and manufactured for reuse.

Biodegradable bags - Bags that: (1) contact no polymers derived from fossil fuels; and (2) are intended for single use and will decompose in a natural setting to an environmentally beneficial material at a rate comparable to other biodegradable materials such as paper, leaves, and food waste.

Compostable plastic bags - plastic bags that: (1) conform to the current America Society for Testing and Materials International D6400 for compostability; (2) are certified and labeled as meeting the ASTM D6400 standard specification by a recognized verification entity; and (3) conform to any other standards deemed acceptable by this section.

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