Are there exemptions?

Yes, flexible transparent covering (commonly referred to as plastic wrap); thin-film plastic bags used to contain dry cleaning or newspapers, typically without handles. Product bags are not exempt from this ordinance’s prohibitions; packaging utilized for prescription drugs. 

  • The Mayor's designee may exempt a food or retail establishment from the requirements of this ordinance for a period of up to one (1) year, upon a finding by the Mayor's designee that the requirements of this ordinance would cause undue hardship to the establishment. The Mayor's designee may approve two (2) additional 6-month periods upon the showing of a continued undue hardship. 
  • Any food or retail establishment receiving an exemption shall file with the Mayor's designee monthly reports on inventory and remaining stocks.
  • Any food or retail establishment seeking an exemption shall apply to the Mayor's designee using forms provided by the Health Department and shall allow the Mayor's designee, or his or her designee, to access all information supporting its application. 
  • The Mayor's designee may approve the exemption request, in whole or in part, with or without conditions.
  • The Mayor's designee, by regulation, may establish a fee for exemption requests.  

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