What are the impediments to building roundabouts?
Despite the safety and other benefits of roundabouts, as well as the high levels of public acceptance once they are built, some states and cities have been slow to build roundabouts, and some are even opposed to building them. The principal impediment is the negative perception held by some drivers and elected officials. Transportation agencies also have long been accustomed to installing traffic signals, and it can take time for deeply rooted design practices to change.

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1. What is a roundabout?
2. How do roundabouts differ from older traffic circles and rotaries?
3. How do roundabouts affect safety?
4. What are the features of a good roundabout designs?
5. What are the common types of crashes at roundabouts? What can be done to prevent them?
6. How do roundabouts affect traffic flow?
7. Are there other benefits?
8. Can roundabouts accommodate larger vehicles?
9. How do roundabouts affect older drivers?
10. Are roundabouts safe for pedestrians?
11. Do drivers favor roundabouts?
12. What are the impediments to building roundabouts?
13. How common are roundabouts in the United States?
14. Do roundabouts require more space than traditional intersections?
15. What are appropriate locations for roundabouts?
16. What types of intersections may not be good candidates for roundabouts?