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1. Will our rates go up with the new contract?
2. Where is the nearest Comcast office?
3. How much money does Comcast give Northampton annually for the exclusive right to provide cable services?
4. Can the new contract improve the quantity and quality of the commercial program packages offered by Comcast?
5. Why do we have all those shopping channels?
6. Can we negotiate with a cable server other than Comcast?
7. Does the contract provide instruments to require better services from Comcast? Is there a way to monitor programs and services annually and take Comcast to task if they don’t live up to their contract
8. Why does Channel 15 no longer provide classes and support local video productions?
9. Will the CAAB make recommendations on making the studio more accessible, for example, move it to the Northampton High School? If so, how and when will this happen. Who will fund it? How will it be adm
10. Will seniors get a discount in the new contract
11. How can we be assured that our concerns and wishes actually get into the contract?