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Bid Title: Municipal Broadband Study RFP
Category: All Departments
Status: Closed
Additional Status Information: Questions have been received, answered and posted

Information Technology Services Department
Municipal Broadband Market Study and Feasibility Study

The City of Northampton is considering establishing City-provided/initiated Gigabit broadband services in order to achieve various economic and social benefits. Consideration for establishment of these distinct City-provided/initiated services includes the downtown, industrial, Florence downtown, Leeds, and other rural areas. In support of these considerations, the City of Northampton is seeking proposals from prospective contractors to execute a Broadband Market Study that will help inform the separate decisions whether to implement the distinct services of City-provided/initiated Gigabit broadband in Northampton, and if applicable, to develop a Feasibility Study for the recommended course of action that will maximize financial, economic, and social benefits to the City, the public, and the overall business community. Core to this project are the execution/development of a Market Analysis, and if applicable pending preceding findings as well as, with City input and approval, a Comprehensive Feasibility Analysis that assesses business models for service delivery, a recommendation, and a Strategic Business Plan. Ultimately, the deliverables of this project may be used by the City to generate a business case and benefits management plan that would inform decisions regarding the design, implementation, and operation of the distinct City-provided/initiated Gigabit broadband services.

City Contacts and Contract Requirements
All questions regarding this Request for Proposals or the City of Northampton’s requirements must be emailed to:
Contact Name: Antonio Pagan,
Questions are due by 5:00P.M. February 25, 2020.

Proposal Filing Date
All proposals must be received at the City of Northampton, IT Services Department located at 42 Gothic Street Northampton, MA 01060 by 3:00 P.M. on March 12, 2020.

Documents received after that time will not be considered. No appointments will be given when proposals are delivered.

Number of Copies
Proposals will be received until, but not after 3:00 p.m. (local time), March 12, 2020. One signed (signed in blue ink) original, one (1) electronic copy on USB flash drive in Word format, and two (2) copies of each proposal shall be sealed in an envelope or other delivery container, addressed to Information Technology Services, 42 Gothic Street, 1st Floor, Northampton, MA 01060, showing on the outside of the envelope/delivery container the name of the firm and the words “MUNICIPAL BROADBAND STUDY.” Please identify the original proposal copy with the printed words “Original Copy.” The original proposal shall bear an original signature of a representative of the proposer who is authorized to bind the proposer in contractual matters. Information Technology Services office hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Electronic proposals will be not accepted.

Schedule of Events Date

Request for quote Issued: 2/11/2020

Last Day for Questions/Clarifications: 2/25/2020

Proposals Due to City of Northampton: 3/12/2020

Those responding to this solicitation may elect to either mail, or personally deliver their proposals to the Information Technology Services office. City of Northampton will not accept any proposals delivered by telephonic, electronic or facsimile means.

Proposals must be received by and will be opened on the date and time specified in this RFP as the Closing Date. City of Northampton will date-stamp all proposals upon receipt. Proposals received after the deadline date and time will not be accepted. Respondents may submit their proposal to the Information Technology Services office any time prior to the deadline. The response opening is open to the public. Information regarding the award can be obtained by public information request after award is made.

Any questions to or comments upon the RFP specifications must be submitted in writing to Information Technology Services, 42 Gothic Street, Northampton, MA 01060 or email . They must be received no later than February 25, 2020 at 3:00 PM (local time).

All clarifications and interpretations to this Solicitation will be in writing and identified as a Letter of Clarification. Verbal communications and other written documents intended to clarify and interpret will not legally bind the City of Northampton. Only information supplied by a Letter of Clarification and posted to the City of Northampton website should be used in preparing Proposal responses. Any Letter of Clarification will be posted on the City of Northampton website ( as soon as they are available.
City of Northampton does not assume responsibility for the receipt of any Letters of Clarification by Proposer(s). Proposers should periodically check the website for updates.

Proposers mailing proposals shall allow normal mail delivery time to ensure timely receipt of their proposals. Any proposal received after the scheduled closing time for receipt of proposals will not be considered. Proposals that are delivered to an office other than the office identified above will not be accepted. It is the responsibility of the party submitting a RFP response to ensure that their proposal is received at the designated location on or before the deadline.

Proposals received will be held confidential until a recommendation for award has been approved by the Information Technology Services Department. Thereafter, all Proposals will be available for public inspection by submitting a Public Records Request through our website or by emailing the City of Northampton City Clerk at .

The City will be the sole judge in determining award of Agreement and reserves the right to reject all Proposals.

Note: Errors and Omissions Liability Insurance Coverage will be required. Workers' Compensation Insurance Coverage will be required.

The City is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer.

Questions regarding the City’s RFP process may be addressed to Joe Cook, Chief Procurement Officer, City of Northampton – .

REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS CLOSING: March 12, 2020, 3:00 pm (Local Time)
Publication Date/Time:
2/11/2020 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
3/12/2020 3:00 PM
Business Hours:
M - F, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
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