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City of Northampton, Massachusetts
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Application for Appointment and Reappointment to Boards, Committees and Commissions

  1. City of Northampton Application for Appointment to Boards, Committees, and Commissions

    Please return the completed form to: or Gina-Louise Sciarra, Mayor 210 Main Street, Northampton, MA 01060

  2. Boards and Committees

    Please indicate the boards and committees you have an interest serving on.

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  8. Required: Please read the following, by signing below you state that you understand and agree.
    The filing of this form does not guarantee my appointment. An application is kept on file for two (2) years; after that I must file a new application. Being appointed to a committee, board, or commission means that I am considered a Municipal Employee under MGL Chapter 268A and thereby subject to Conflict of Interest Law MGL Chapter 268A, Financial Disclosure Law MGL Chapter 268B, as well as Open Meeting Law MGL Chapter 39: Section 23B. I understand that I will take the conflict of interest test after being appointed and that I also must be sworn in by the City Clerk. I will contact the appointing authority with any questions about my service. Important: Once this form is submitted it becomes a public document, if there is information you do not want open to the public please do not include it on this form.
  9. Post Application Submission Process

    Thank you for taking the time to submit an application to serve on one of the many volunteer city boards, committees, and commissions.

    The Mayor’s office staff reviews the application and determines if a vacancy exists on desired board, committee, or commission. If no vacancy exists, your application is put on file for two years for consideration at a later date. If a vacancy exists, the application is sent to the board, committee, or commission staff person for a review of experience and qualifications. In some cases, you may be contacted and asked to attend a meeting of the board, committee, or commission to better confirm your interest.

    After the Mayor’s staff reviews your application, Mayor Sciarra will consider your application and schedule a brief telephone interview. At this time, Mayor Sciarra will make her final decision about your appointment.

    Once the Mayor has submitted your name as an appointee to City Council at their next meeting, the City Council will refer the appointment to their Committee on City Services where you will be further vetted. After you are approved by the Committee on City Services, your appointment will be referred back to the City Council for a confirmation vote. After you are confirmed by the City Council, you will receive an appointment letter from the City Clerk’s office with instructions on being sworn in for public service. After being sworn in by the City Clerk, you are ready to serve on your board, committee, or commission. 

    The process for appointment from submitting an application to official acceptance can take 2-3 months and is not guaranteed with the submission of an application. The Mayor appoints members to her boards, committees, or commissions at her discretion.

    If you have any questions about this process or your application. Please reach out to Mayor Sciarra’s assistant, Rachel Messier, at or 413-587-1080.

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