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City of Northampton, Massachusetts
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Application for Temporary Outdoor Dining Extension of Premises on Private Property/Parking Lot (No Liquor)

  1. If you do not own the parking lot or land you are seeking to extend your premises onto, you must include evidence of control of extended premises.
  2. Do any other businesses share the parking lot besides your restaurant?*
  3. If the restaurant is not the only user of the parking lot, the other users of the lot must indicate their knowledge and support of the use of the lot for outdoor dining by submitting signed acknowledgment of the restaurant's plans.

  4. Awnings, Tents or Umbrellas?*

    If you plan to erect a tent, you must receive written permission from your abutting neighbors. You must also contact the Building Department.

  5. Please summarize, in detail with square footage and capacity, the alterations you wish to make.

  6. Please upload a detailed plan that includes dimensions and layout of tables and chairs

  7. Will the expansion cause potential noise concerns/complaints from neighbors?*
  8. ADA Accessibility

    The outdoor dining areas and barriers must be accessible and meet ADA and Massachusetts Architectural Access Board's regulations

  9. Certification of Safety Standards and Guidelines

    By signing below, I, being the owner or manager of the above referenced establishment located at the address indicated above, acknowledge, accept, and will comply with the responsibilities of maintaining a safe outdoor dining experience for guests and for staff in the outdoor dining area through the diligent adherence to my submitted plans.

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