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City of Northampton, Massachusetts
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Site evaluation to REMOVE a streetlight

  1. Site Evaluation to Remove a Streetlight
  2. 1. Are all of the residents living within 500 feet along any road in any direction of this streetlight in agreement regarding removal of this streetlight? (Map and signatures required)
  3. 2. Is the streetlight one of a group of streetlights that are unusually close to each other? E.g., lamps on 3 poles in a row or lamps within 140 feet of each other?
  4. 3. Is the streetlight in a Special Conservancy, Rural Residential, Water Supply Protection or Farms Forests Rivers zoning district?
  5. 4. Is the streetlight on a busy primary street or a heavily used connector street?
  6. 5. Are there more than 3 residential residences within 150 feet of the light?
  7. 6. Is the streetlight illuminating any potential road or traffic hazard such as an intersection, a crosswalk, a school zone, a fire station, etc. or are there other factors or special conditions to take into consideration such as the streetlight is illuminating a wheelchair way, etc.?
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