How do I respond to the Census?

The 2020 Census will be the first Census to offer an online response option. Everyone has the option of taking the Census on paper, over the phone or online, whichever you prefer. Most households (80%) will receive a letter in the mail, inviting them to respond online with a unique identification code. With the identification code, you will be able to fill out the 2020 census online. If you do not respond online using the identification code provided in the mail, a paper questionnaire will be sent to you which you can fill out and mail back to the Census Bureau. If you do not respond to the paper questionnaire, individual Census takers will try to contact you by knocking on your door. The other 20% of households, mostly seniors and people with no internet, will be sent a paper questionnaire to be completed and returned by mail. Those mailings will also include the option to complete the survey online. 

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