I lost my vaccine card or need vaccine record information.

There are three ways to obtain your vaccination record:

1. Access your own vaccination record at https://www.myvaxrecords.mass.gov/

2. Access your vaccination record on your own healthcare web portal. The fastest way for you to obtain a copy of your vaccination record in Massachusetts is to access your primary care provider's web portal for your immunization record and save or print your vaccine record from there. 

3. Call your provider for an MIIS vaccine certificate or printout of your vaccination records. Massachusetts healthcare providers who give any vaccines (all primary care providers) have access to the Massachusetts Immunization Information System and can download a vaccination certificate. 

4. Request a handwritten card from the place where you received your vaccine dose(s). If you received your dose(s) at the Northampton Health Department we ask staff to work on new card requests during clinics each week and we mail them. We will try to accommodate you as soon as possible. Please know that we receive many requests for lost cards and this can take a week or more to get to you. To request a handwritten card, please send email with your name, date of birth, mailing address, and phone number (in case we have questions) to kkelly@northamptonma.gov OR call Public Health Nurse Kate Kelly and leave a message with this information at 413-587-1216.

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