Where can I get a COVID vaccine?

We encourage appointments in April but are taking walk-ins at our locations. To make an appointment, click here.

In April our regularly scheduled clinics are at the

 Elks Lodge at 17 Spring Street in Florence on Mondays 10am-6pm and Fridays 10am-2pm

and Thornes Marketplace in downtown Northampton on Thursdays 2pm-6pm and Saturdays 12pm-3pm

We are doing HOME VISITS for homebound individuals in Hampshire County and are also working with Boards of Health across Hampshire County to provide mobile clinics in the communities. To request a mobile clinic or refer somene to the home visit program please contact kkelly@northamptonma.gov 

If our clinic times do not work for you, you can also look on the Massachusetts VaxFinder page here:  https://vaxfinder.mass.gov/

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