Gym Locations

Smith Vocational High School

80 Locust Street
Northampton, MA 01060

Gym located in second building (Building B) on the right as you enter the main driveway to the school. Enter gym doors directly across from soccer field.

JFK Middle School (Aquatic & Family Center)

100 Bridge Road
Florence, MA 01062

Enter main driveway on left side of school and proceed to parking lot at back of school towards tennis courts. Enter doors located across from tennis courts. Gym is down the hallway from pool (go straight and take a left).

Bridge Street School

2 Parsons Street
Northampton, MA 01060

Enter parking lot entrance located at end of Union Street right before school building. Walk up stairway that is to the far left (main door, by Principals office). Go down the hall and the gym is in front of you. Please do not enter through the doors by the ramp (unless you need to use the ramp). Going in the far door helps to get dirt/salt off the shoes of players as they enter the gym.

Jackson Street School

120 Jackson Street
Northampton, MA 01060

Enter main school doors adjacent to circle driveway. Gym doors located on right side as you enter building.

R.K. Finn Ryan Road School

498 Ryan Road
Florence, MA 01062
Park in the main parking lot and enter through the farthest door to the right. The gym will be directly in front of you when you enter the building.

Leeds Elementary School

20 Florence Street
Leeds, MA 01053

Enter driveway into parking lot. Use doors that are located to near the Preschool playground in the loop. Gym doors located straight to the left as you enter building.

Away Locations for Quabbin Games

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