Parks & Rec Adult Softball Leagues

2023 Adult Softball Leagues

This year Northampton Parks & Recreation will be hosting both a Men's League and Coed League for the Spring/Summer and Fall!

Each league may be separated into smaller divisions, if possible, based on each team's level of play and the number of teams entered. All required forms can be found on the corresponding sub link. 

If you have further questions or would like to be put on the mailing about the leagues, please email us at

Spring/Summer League Manager Meeting

Date: Tuesday, April 4, 2023
TimesMen's League - 5:30 PM
            Coed League - 6:15 PM
Location: Parks & Rec Office, 100A Bridge Road, Florence, MA
The office is on the grounds of JFK Middle School. Drive in main driveway, go to the right of the school, and the grey office is ahead on the right. 

This meeting is for those interested in entering a team into either of the leagues. 
Brochures, Rosters, and Player Conduct Forms will be available for distribution.  

League Information, rules and regs, and bat regulations will be discussed.

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New Teams and/or Individual Players

If you are looking to put in a team this season or are an individual looking to join a team:

  • New Teams: Please email Brooke at and include your name, phone number, team name (if known) desired league (Men's/Coed) and preferred style of play (recreational/competitive). 
    • See Manager Meeting information above.
  • Individual Players: Click here to add your name to the Player Pool. If managers are looking to add folks to their roster, they will reach out directly to those in the Pool before the season OR during the first month of the season.
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