Stormwater Permits

Stormwater Management Permits

Construction activities of any kind that disturb greater than one (1) acre (43,560 square feet) or are part of a common plan of development or sale that will disturb greater than one (1) acre must have an approved stormwater management permit or a waiver of the requirement for a stormwater management permit from the Northampton Department of Public Works.

The requirements and procedures for stormwater management permits are defined by the Stormwater Management Ordinance, Chapter 281 of the City’s Code of Ordinances.

Technical specifications and standards for the design of acceptable stormwater management systems are specified in the current edition of the Massachusetts Stormwater Handbook.

Permit Forms

Provided are type-able, save-able PDF and DOC format forms that can be filled out and submitted to the Department of Public Works.

Permit Archive

Stormwater Management System Design Resources