voting from home in 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, new law has been enacted that allows every person who is qualified to vote the option to vote-by mail.  The Sec. of the Commonwealth mailed out applications to every registered voter.  If you need or want to vote by mail, return the post card to the City Clerk’s Office and we’ll arrange to get you a ballot.

If you lost your mailer or didn’t receive one, click HERE to download and print an application.

Return to us 

  • BY MAIL:  City Clerk’s Office, 210 Main Street, Room 4, Northampton MA 01060
    • BY EMAIL:
      • BY FAX:  (413) 587-1220
        • IN HAND: Drop-off box located at Front Steps of City Hall, 210 Main Street (new bigger box installed 9/3/2020)