Mayor's Citizen Advisory Committees

Advisory Committees are created by the Mayor to study specific topics or issues. Committees meet as needed and dissolve after making a recommendation to the Mayor on their topic of concern. Below you will find information on the various advisory committees created during Mayor Narkewicz's time in office.

Mayor's Citizen Advisory Committees

The following advisory committees were outlined during Mayor Narkewicz's 2012 Inaugural Address. An excerpt can be found below:

Throughout the campaign, I talked about the importance of fostering citizen participation in city government. I stated I would form citizen advisory teams made up of people from across the city, whether they supported me or not, to get our community working together to review and think about the ways government, in this era of fiscal and financial contraction, can do things more efficiently and effectively.

I have identified three areas so far where advisory committees will be formed and asked to make recommendations that can change how we conduct our public business.

The first will be an Economic Development Advisory Commission to help us develop an overall strategy for economic development and how we can better position our city to attract new business. This effort is particularly timely as our city’s first economic development coordinator leaves for another position creating an opportunity to reevaluate this critical function. Supporting our existing local businesses while attracting more businesses to locate and grow here will result in enhanced job opportunities for residents and greater tax revenues for the community, all worthwhile goals.

A Rail Advisory Committee will be charged with analyzing short and long‐term planning for the return of rail service to our community and look at the possibility of establishing a multimodal transportation center in the city to consolidate all forms of transportation.

Thirdly, I will establish a Website and Information Technology Advisory Committee to look at the city’s web pages and overall I.T. infrastructure to make recommendations for improving and upgrading them. We must ensure that our city's website remains an effective tool for providing information to residents and visitors while exploring new technology for improving the ways citizens communicate with city government. Smart use of technology will lead to smarter government, cost savings, and better services.