Sanitation & Inspection

The Health Department protects residents from health problems and health hazards. The following public health regulations are enforced by the Health Department.

Public Health Enforcement

Type of EnforcementRegulation
Animal InspectorThe Health Department works with the Animal Control Officer at the Police Department to investigate rabies reports, and to make sure that animals are quarantined when necessary.
Food and Restaurant InspectionsThe Health Department inspects every restaurant and food service retailer before opening and at least twice a year.
Hazardous MaterialsThe Health Department works with the state Department of Environmental Protection to address hazardous material incidents in the City of Northampton.
Public NuisanceThe Health Department will investigate all complaints of nuisances such as odors, noise, excessive filth, and enforce regulations or eliminate the nuisance as needed.

Property & Housing Enforcement

Type of EnforcementRegulation
Housing Inspections and Landlord/Tenant IssuesWhen the Health Department receives a complaint, it will conduct a housing inspection. Any violations will be cited in writing and given to the owner and/or occupant. Contact the Health Department to file a complaint.
Septic Installation InspectionsThe Health Department witnesses percolation tests, reviews septic system plans, and verifies proper installation. Contact the Health Department to request an inspection.

Recreational Facilities

Type of EnforcementRegulation
Bathing Beach InspectionsThe Health Department issues permits and inspects public bathing beaches. Biweekly bacterium water samples are required during the open season. Download state Bathing Beach regulations.
Recreational Camp InspectionsThe Health Department issues permits and inspects recreational camps for children. Download state Standards for Recreational Camps for Children.
Pool InspectionsThe Health Department inspects swimming pools according to state sanitary regulations. Download state standards for Swimming Pool sanitation.