Rules, Regulations & Policies

  • Rules & Regulations of the Northampton License Commission
  • Extracts of Law, Rules & Regulations governing licenses for sale of Alcoholic Beverages to be DRUNK on Premises as authorized by Massachusetts General Laws, Chap. 138 § 12
  • License Commission 2 a.m. Closing Rules - These rules govern 2 a.m. closing given to bars and restaurants that have been approved by the License Commission. Although the rules state Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; the rules were amended by the commission with the support of the Police Department to include seven days a week.
  • List of establishments approved for 2 a.m. closing by Northampton License Commission.
  • The Northampton License Commission, when issuing a new, current, or renewal of License will require certification of compliance with wage and hour laws. Each licensee must certify that they are not subject to a federal or state criminal or civil judgment, administrative citation or final administrative determination resulting from a violation of M.G.L. Chap. 149, Chap. 150, or the Fair Labor Standard Act. Any licensee who does not certify to the above may be required by the Northampton License Commission to provide a wage bond or insurance prior to issuance of said license. A copy of the Fair Wage Compliance Certificate can be found here.
  • Happy Hour Regulations