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Welcome to the City of Northampton's page for the Picture Main Street project. Mayor Gina-Louise Sciarra is committed to transparent and open communication, and this page serves as an ongoing effort to address any questions you may have.

Thank you for your interest, and please don't hesitate to contact the Mayor's Office with additional questions.

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NEW!!   Read Mayor Sciarra's Guest Column in the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

ALSO:  Read the original version of that column that was edited for length prior to publication

Picture Main Street Video Testimonials

Fire/Rescue Chief Pelis Talks Picture Main Street

Police Chief Jody Kasper Talks Safety on Main Street

Mayor Sciarra aims to provide data-driven answers that explain why the City is moving forward with this transformative initiative. Consider the following FAQs a 'living document'—we will regularly update the content to ensure the information stays current and relevant to your concerns.

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Picture Main Street has 3 core goals:

  1. Provide Safety and Access for All
  2. Promote a Vibrant and Attractive Downtown
  3. Create a Functional, Enduring, and Sustainable Streetscape

Picture Main Street is evolving in response to meaningful public engagement. Many, many public forums (2019-2023), community focus groups, community surveys, observations of people using the shared streets (2020 and 2021), engagement with city and community boards (Transportation, Planning, Tree, Bike/Ped, Disabilities, City Council, Downtown Northampton Association, the Greater Northampton Chamber of Commerce, and other stakeholder engagement including a project advisory group). MassDOT held the formal 25% design public hearing in April 2023, which shows most of the horizontal big-picture details.

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Picture Main Street Design 

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Image of Picture Main Street Design

No Turn on Red Sign- Main Street
Main Street Bench painted with artwork
Lower Main Street Sidewalk Cafe
Rainbow Crosswalk on Main Street
PVTA bus on Main Street
Main Street Angled Parking
Picture Main Street-creating a safer place to live, work, and play