There are over 220 food service establishments in the city of Northampton, including restaurants and food service retailers. There are dozens of temporary food service establishments that also request permits throughout the year.

Food Applications, Permits, and Fees

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Occurrence of Food Inspections

The Health Department performs comprehensive food inspections during the following events:

  • Before each new restaurant or food retailer opens
  • Twice a calendar year (departmental goal)
  • Whenever we receive a food-borne illness complaint (departmental policy)

Food Allergy Awareness

Food establishments such as restaurants and other places that make and serve food will be required to display a poster approved by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health. The poster needs to include specific information about food allergens and what to do if customers say they have allergies, as well as what to do if customers have allergic reactions to the food. Food establishments must place notices in menus and menu boards that say, "Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy." Food establishments must also have a staff person who has completed allergen awareness video training by one of the three Massachusetts Department of Public Health approved vendors and received a training certificate.

Additional Allergen Information and Resources

For more information please contact Jasmine Ward, Inspector of the Northampton Health Department, at 413-587-1214.

Other Resources

State and Local Regulations

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