Wet Weather SSO Notification

Wet Weather SSO

Public Works maintains this webpage in accordance with MADEP regulation 314 CMR 16.00.

When a sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) enters a state regulated waterbody (river, stream, lake, pond, etc.), Northampton is required to send out a public advisory notification to alert the public that there may be contamination in the subject waterbody.

Typically, wet weather SSOs might occur during large storm events. If an SSO event occurs, information will be presented on this page that includes:

  • Date of Discharge
  • Location of Discharge
  • Affected Waterbody 
  • Amount of Discharge
  • Status of Discharge

During normal business hours, this website will be updated within eight hours of first notification of the SSO. During weekends or holidays, this webpage will be updated on the next business day.

The fastest way to get information is to sign up to receive public advisory notification via the Civic Alert system on the City's website. Please sign-in at the top of the page and then subscribe to the "Wet Weather SSO" under News Flash (at the bottom of the page).

A list of SSO discharges to waterbodies is available via the MassEEO Data Portal. This list is updated within 24 hours of when the public advisory notification is sent to the MassDEP. Select "Northampton" from the Municipality field.
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