Vaccine Info for Children 5-11


When and where will you vaccinate children ages 5-11 year old?                                                                 

When? Now! We have appointments available every Monday from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Where? The Elks Lodge in Florence, 17 Spring St, Northampton, MA 01062

How?  Click HERE to find available appointments at our weekly clinic

What do I need? Just an appointment. The legal guardian consent is included in the appointment process. You will be asked for your insurance information, but no one will be turned away for lack of insurance. 

What vaccine? The pediatric PfizerBioNTech vaccine that has been made available for children as of Nov 1, 2021! Yes, this is the same vaccine that local pediatricians are offering.

What about second doses? 

Typically you will make it at the time of first appointment during your 15 minute wait afterward. Once the vaccinator logs the first dose into the computer system you will receive a text and email to schedule the second dose. The software will provide access to appointments 21 or more days in the future at the same site where you received your first dose. We encourage you to return to the same location for the second dose. 

If you cannot return to the same location for the dose or perhaps you have another child whom you are trying to line up at the same location and same time, you will (unfortunately due to software limitation) need to start from the beginning to schedule your second dose -- use the purple button above.