Capital Improvement Program

Pursuant to Article 7, Section 7-5 of the City Charter the Mayor must submit a five-year Capital Improvement Program to the City Council at least 120 days before the start of the fiscal year. The City Council will hold a public hearing and adopt the plan prior to June 1 of each year.

The Capital Improvement Program provides a five-year roadmap of the City of Northampton's capital improvement needs and ability to fund them is updated annually to inform ongoing capital budget spending and borrowing decisions.

The Capital Improvement Program is reviewed and updated annually by the Mayor in consultation with the Finance Director and an ad-hoc Capital Improvement Program Committee.

The required adoption of the Capital Improvement Program by City Council resolution does not constitute an authorization to spend or borrow funds for any of the capital items contained therein. Actual capital spending or borrowing on capital improvements for a given fiscal year must be proposed by the Mayor to the City Council through the formal budgetary process.