Volunteers & Staff

Overview for Volunteers and Staff

Required Training Material for Medical Staff & Volunteers Including Scribes - SITE SPECIFIC INFORMATION
Vaccinators, medical observers, and medical scribes, please review the Prevaccination Checklist as well as the EUA and Preparation and Administration information for the vaccine that will be administered at the time you work at the clinic. Please complete additional training in Protected Health Information (PHI), Vaccine Documentation, and, Intro to ICS as applicable below.

Brief Orientation for Medical Volunteers and Staff at our Regional Vaccination Clinic in Northampton  (video duration 12min 41sec)
Prevaccination Checklist for COVID-19 Vaccines (PDF with healthcare provider explanations)
Protected Health Information (PHI) at the Regional COVID Vaccination Clinic in Northampton  (video duration 6min 46sec)
COLOR: How to document a vaccination record in COLOR software  (video duration 5min 24sec)
COLOR: Consent and vaccine documentation for minors 12+ (video duration 8min 12sec)
Tour of clinic/what to expect geared at the public, good to know  (video duration 4min 25sec)
Training: Introduction to the Incident Command System (FEMA video/slideshow >1 hour but alternatively full course manual and slides are downloadable for reading)
Not required for individuals already trained in the Incident Command System (ICS) and employed in Fire Service or EMS positions or who have had other MRC roles that required ICS training)

Required Materials for Medical Volunteers/Staff -- VACCINE SPECIFIC INFORMATION
Please review the materials about the vaccine that you will be administering or drawing up. 
Pfizer-BioNTech Emergency Use Authorization Fact Sheet
Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine Preparation and Administration Summary
Moderna Vaccine Emergency Use Authorization Fact Sheet
Moderna Vaccine Preparation and Administration
Janssen (J&J) Vaccine Emergency Use Authorization Fact Sheet  Administration of Janssen(J&J) vaccine has resumed.
Janssen (J&J) Vaccine Preparation and Administration 

Required Training Materials for Vaccination Draw Station Staff/Volunteers (VACCINE HANDLING AND PREPARATION)
COVID-19 Vaccine Training: General Overview of Immunization Best Practices for Healthcare Providers
Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine preparation
  • Preparation and Administration summary PDF here
Moderna Vaccine Preparation
  • Preparation and Administration summary PDF here
Janssen (J&J) Vaccine Preparation 
  • Preparation and Administration summary here 

Additional Recommended Training/Materials for Medical Staff & MRC Volunteers
Pfizer-BioNTech Frequently Asked Questions
FDA Pfizer-BioNTech Information Page
CDC Pfizer-BioNTech Information Page

How to document a vaccination record in PrepMod software  (video duration 5min 53sec)