Event/Gathering/Performance During COVID

Image of Event/Gathering/Performance Flow Chart

How to Use the Above Flow Chart

FIRST: determine which type of venue your activity will be held at. Definitions for Event Venue/ Public Space, Restaurant, and Performance Venue can be found below:

  • Event Venue/Public Space: Include but are not limited to: Indoor and outdoor event spaces, ballrooms, private clubs and party rooms, public places like parks, private residences etc.
  • Restaurant: An establishment that provides food service that is prepared on-site and under a Food Service Establishment Permit. This is defined as any food which is cooked, prepared and served, intended for immediate consumption, as permitted and issued by a municipal authority pursuant to 105 CMR 590.000. Potato chips, pretzels, and other similar pre-packaged, shelf stable foods, or other food prepared off-site, do not constitute food “prepared on-site.” A restaurant that also serves alcoholic beverages may only do so when providing seated food service prepared on site
  • A Performance Venue: A facility where performers are in a designated area, such as a stage, audience members remain in fixed or assigned seating during the performance, and seated dining service is not provided.

NEXT: determine which category your primary activity would fall into. The primary regulations you follow will be decided by this classification. If there will be any secondary activity, this will determine which supplementary regulations you will follow. 

For example, a restaurant plans to have a band play music during normal dinner service. Because this activity is at a restaurant, and the music is supplementary to the food service, they would follow restaurant guidance primarily, and then supplement with performance guidance for the band. If you are required to follow multiple sector standards and there are conflicting regulations, always follow the stricter of the options.

NOTE: All events, gatherings, and performances must adhere to the Northampton Order Maintaining Limits on Performance Venues, Event Venues, and Gatherings.