Standby List

Weekly (Extra Vaccine) Standby List

The Weekly Vaccine Standby List will be used to call individuals for doses left at the end of ongoing vaccine clinics. We sometimes have 1-5 doses of the vaccine when we finish the day. Once we open a vial, we must use every dose within hours. We have never wasted these "extra" doses and this list will continue to help us with that effort.


  • Sign up once per week if you are currently eligible and have not yet received your COVID19 Vaccine.
  • Eligible individuals will get a call IF we have 1-5 extra doses at the end of a vaccination clinic.
  • This is NOT a guarantee of a dose. You should continue trying to find a vaccine appointment at any available clinics.
  • The person must be eligible per the Massachusetts distribution timeline
  • The person must able to safely arrive at the Senior Center within 30 minutes of the phone call. Note: if there is no answer, we will move on to the next person. These calls will typically happen between 2:45-3:30pm or 6:45-7:30pm (later timeframe on Wednesdays only).
  • This is NOT a waiting list.
  • The list will be retired/deleted every Monday morning. If you have still not found a vaccine appointment you may re-join the list anytime.