Vaccine Programs

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Vaccine Programs for 2024

  • Clinics
  • Home Visits for Homebound residents
  • Childhood Immunizations

Vaccine Clinics for COVID and Flu

Vaccine clinics for COVID and Flu are available for all Massachusetts residents, please check specific appointments for available vaccines. The bulk of our clinics occur during the fall, however we will continue to offer vaccine while respiratory virus levels are elevated, vaccination levels are low, and their is still a demand. 

The purple link below connects to the scheduling platform for area and state wide clinics. Remember the vaccine is free! You will not be asked to pay, however if you have insurance please bring your health insurance card.  Below is a partial list of the Hampshire Public Health Shared Services Collaborative grant vaccine clinics. Need help signing up or questions? No problem, we can help you, give us a call at 413-587-1214 or email

 * NEW: New Schedule and Location! Monthly COVID and Flu vaccinations available - the third Thursday of the month, 3:00 - 5:00 in the Public Health Nursing Office, located at 1 Round House Plaza. Entry through street level, located next to the restaurant Bombay Royale)

  • Thursday, February 22, 2024: 1 Round House Plaza, Public Health Nursing Office. (Entry through street level, next to the restaurant Bombay Royale)
    • Moderna COVID and flu vaccine: Pediatric vaccine available, ages 6 months and up

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Vaccine Home Visits 

Home vaccination services are offered for homebound residents of the Hampshire Public Health Shared Services Collaborative grant. Residents of other towns or cities should reach out to the state in-home vaccination program.  A nurse will call you within 1 - 2 weeks to schedule your visit.  Need help signing up or questions? No problem, we can help you, give us a call at 413-587-1214 or email

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Childhood Vaccine Program

Childhood Vaccines are available for children, kindergarten age through 18 years of age, who are part of the Hampshire Public Health Shared Services Collaborative grant. These are for children who do not yet have insurance and who have not yet identified a Primary Care Provider (PCP). We are able to offer vaccine and then assist in the steps necessary to get health insurance and a PCP. These appointments are made typically through a school nurse or school official referral. Vaccines include: varicella, polio IPV, Tdap, Hep B - check with us for availability. Need help signing up or questions? Contact us at 413-587-1214 or email

Getting Your Vaccine Record

All vaccinations are automatically stored in the Massachusetts data base MIIS: Massachusetts Immunization and Information System. 

  • Find your record at
  • Contact your primary care office through the portal or call. All primary care offices are connected to the Massachusetts Immunization Information System (MIIS)
  • Call the organization/clinic/business where you received your doses. 
    • If you received your vaccine at a clinic run by the Northampton Department of Health and Human Services call 413-587-1216 and leave a message for a Public Health Nurse with your name, date of birth, and address.

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Vaccine Photos

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Getting Vaccinated: Portraits from the Northampton Vaccine Clinic, by Historic Northampton:

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