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Programs and what to expect when we scale up this fall

Please know that while we want to bring back many of the programs we had in the past, we also respect and understand that a great deal has changed due to COVID-19. We are making determinations and doing our best to make adjustments where possible. This may also mean that programs that were in place pre-pandemic will not necessarily start up again right away. We are working with instructors now to determine which classes will be onsite and which classes may continue to be offered on zoom. We anticipate that the scaling up of services and programs will take awhile and this will be determined by many factors including how we schedule our rooms for various uses to serve the most people, etc.

In-Person and Online Classes

Please see the Conz Street Chronicle or see for a list of classes currently being provided online. Registration for classes can be done by phone (587-1228, opt. 4) or by going to and signing up with the membership number on your scan card. For help setting up your account, please download the below tutorial:

Transportation Programs

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Technology Program

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