Fitness Programs

Fitness Programs participation as we scale up this Fall

In order to be a member of the Fitness Center and/or to attend fitness classes: you will need to fill out the Fitness Membership Packet or the Fitness Class Health Questionnaire Form. Both of these include waivers and need to be signed by your doctor. Without this clearance to participate, you will not be able to attend fitness programs or use the fitness room until we have this paperwork, found below. We encourage you to begin this process soon. Once we have your paperwork, an orientation session will be scheduled. An orientation is required to ensure you know how to safely use the machines. Registration will be required for use in order to keep numbers of users low.

At the Northampton Senior Center we want to support your fitness goals! 

We offer classes (a la carte and on a punch card system) as well as the option of a monthly membership to our Fitness Center. Below you will find the links to the paperwork needed in order to participate in either or both of these fitness options. **If you cannot print these documents we can provide them to you. (Currently they are available in a filing cabinet outside our rear entrance for pick up). 

Fitness Classes

Most all of the classes offered at the Senior Center are taught by Hampshire Regional YMCA instructors. All instructors are trained and certified in the skills they are teaching. All participants must complete the below paperwork and have their doctor sign off before participating. 

Fitness Center Memberships

Fitness Center Memberships are available to Northampton seniors (age 60+), Northampton residents (ages 55-59) and non-Northampton seniors (60+ years).

All new Fitness Center members are required to have an orientation to the Fitness Center to learn how to safely use the strength training and cardio equipment to ensure the safety of the participant and the care of the equipment. Once you have completed your paperwork you will be called to schedule an appointment for the orientation.

If you have been a previous member of the Fitness Center, but it has been over eight months since you’ve used the center, you will need to complete new paperwork and have a refresher orientation on the equipment. An application to join the fitness center is available below.

Joining the fitness center is a great way to have fun while maintaining a healthy routine!

Fitness Center Hours

  1. Use of the Fitness Center is by by appointment only due to capacity limits for Covid safety guidelines from the Dept. of Health. Please call 413-587-1228 to schedule.

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