Farm Winery License

Farm Winery License to sell at Farmers Markets and Agricultural Events

The Northampton License Commission may issue to an applicant authorized to operate a farmer-winery under section 19B or in any other state, a special license for the sale of wine produced by or for the licensee in sealed containers for off-premise consumption at an indoor or outdoor agricultural event.


  1. Written approval from a Farmers Market/Agricultural Event at which you have been accepted as a vendor
  2. Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) application documentation, including the MDAR approval
  3. Applicants must demonstrate that the products sold under this license are primarily made locally


  • The approved Farm Winery License is valid at one event only
  • An event with multiple dates/times is considered one event (example: The Saturday Northampton farmers market). Separate applications must be submitted annually for each event.
  • Farm Winery License Application (PDF)
  • $50 application fee

General Laws:

Farm Winery Licenses are governed by:

If you have any questions, please contact the License Commission office at 413-587-1212 or by email.