Site Selection Services

The Community and Economic Development Office offers assistance in finding a suitable site for your business in Northampton. Our commercial and industrial site inventory includes listings from property owners and commercial real estate brokers. The inventory may not include all available properties in the city. For additional listings please refer to local commercial real estate brokers.

We can provide additional information on the available sites to narrow your search to properties that best suit your facility needs, facilitate inquiries with property owners, or search for sites not listed on the inventory. The Community and Economic Development Office can also provide information on other business resources to assist in locating or expanding your business in Northampton such as financing, workforce training grants, and incentives.

Contact the Mayor's Office for more information or assistance with locating a site in Northampton or to list a property on the inventor via email or at 413-587-1249

Old Florence Commons Live Work
Old Florence Commons offers first Live / Work units in Northampton. Three 2000 square foot units available. 1000 square foot first floor studio with 1000 square foot second floor residential area.