Camp Hamp Director

About our Director Matt Zuchowski 

What’s Up! 

My name is Matt Zuchowski (aka. Squatch or Sasquatch) and I am returning this summer as the Director of Camp Hamp. This will be my eighth summer with the Northampton Parks & Rec. Department and my second as the director of Camp Hamp! I just graduated from Siena College with a degree in mathematics and a 7-12 teaching certificate with a 5th and 6th grade extension. During my certification process, I completed a student teaching semester where I taught math at the 7th grade level. In addition to my time student teaching, I spent a semester helping out in a resource room for students with learning disabilities as well as tutoring English language learners. When I’m not at camp, I love being outdoors with my new pup Luna and going fishing. I am also an avid wood turner where I carve wooden bowls on a lathe. I can’t wait to be back outside creating a safe and fun summer for the children of Northampton.

Matt Z Camp Hamp Director

Questions for the Director:


What are you looking forward to as the returning Camp Hamp Director?

As the returning Camp Hamp Director, I am excited to get campers back outside in a traditional camp program while keeping everyone safe and healthy based on state guidelines! I also look forward to being a great role model for Northampton’s youth and putting a smile on every child’s face.


What do you enjoy most about working with children?

I love working with children. I always find that the kids feed off of my energy and I feed of the energy of the kids so we end up in an endless cycle of energy at camp. My favorite part of working with children is definitely creating personal relationships with each child that will be remembered for a lifetime as well as being silly and making them laugh. 


What is your favorite camp game/activity?

My favorite camp activity is hunting for Sasquatch! When we visit state parks, we will always launch a full-scale investigation while hiking to collect evidence to prove Sasquatch is real! We haven’t found him yet, but I think this is the year!