Kidzone Director (2023)

isaacAbout our Director

Name: Isaac Porter-Phillips

Preferred Pronouns: He/Him/His

Hello! My name is Isaac. I’m an undergraduate student studying behavioral psychology at the University of Rhode Island. I grew up in Northampton, Massachusetts, and attended the local public schools around the area up until now. In the past I have been a rec leader and co-director for the Rec camps in Northampton.

This is my seventh summer working with the Northampton Rec Department specifically helping run their program Camp Kidzone. Every summer is different with Kidzone but my past experience will surely be helpful for the upcoming sessions.

In my free time I enjoy going on walks with my mom, swimming with my friends, gaming and getting large portions of Thai food. I also have a strong passion for music, vocal percussion and acapella. I hope to implement some rhythm games this summer during rainy days or for down time.

What are you looking forward to as the new Director?

I am personally looking forward to seeing new and returning campers and to see how they have grown. I also look forward to being an energetic and enthusiastic role model for the Kidzone campers.

What is something exciting you hope will happen this summer? What do you enjoy most about working with children?

I am excited to see how the campers will bond, and I am motivated to assure a safe yet epic experience for the Kidzone campers and staff this summer. What I enjoy most about working with children is getting the opportunity to see the world in their own unique way. I know kids at this age have vast imaginations and the source can be different for everyone. I am determined to find the source of their creativity and create the best environment for the kids this summer.

What games are you looking forward to playing this summer?

I am personally looking forward to preparing and playing the big field games for the summer. In particular predator vs. prey which is a great way for campers to run around the park in supervised groups. I have always been a fan of dodgeball and the multiple variants of the game, which makes it difficult to play anything but dodgeball because it's such a hit! Campers can count on me having a backpack of spare water, fidgets, widgets, and stickers.

What trips are you looking forward to taking this summer?

My favorite trips in the past summers have been to trampoline parks and Sonny’s Place.  I am looking forward to our Wyola trip and of course the numerous attractions at Sonny’s place.