Pavement & Sidewalks


Of the 150+ miles of paved streets and unpaved (gravel) public ways, Northampton has approximately 133 miles of paved roadways.  This does not include State or Federal roads or private ways.  The City contracts Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc. (VHB) annually to evaluate the condition of a quarter of the public roadways and to update a Geographic Pavement Management System (GPMS).  This system includes information such as roadway length, width, pavement condition, and recommended treatment.  Public Works staff uses this data as well as information on the City’s utility infrastructure when determining roadway paving projects.  Please explore the links below for more information.


The City contracted with Alta Planning + Design in 2017 to complete a full inventory and analysis of the City’s sidewalks.  There are approximately 83 miles of public sidewalks. This inventory does not apply to sidewalks on Federal, State, or private ways.  Proprietary software developed by Georgia Institute of Technology was used to collect the data. The condition of existing segments were evaluated and gaps in the network were identified. Please follow the link below to the Inventory Report for more information.

Image of City Roadway Infrastructure (streets and sidewalks) Opens in new windowCity Roadway Infrastructure

Image of Completed Paving Project on North Maple St 2020North Maple Street paving and new sidewalk project, 2020

Image of Completed Paving Project North Farms Rd 2020North Farms Road paving and drain improvement project, 2020

Image of Fitzgerald Lake Trail and Culvert 2020Fitzgerald Lake Trail paving and new culvert project, 2020