Red Cross Lifeguarding RecertificatIon

This course is for Lifeguards having a certification expiration date that is 30 days or less than the recertification class date.
Participants will need to present their certificate at the beginning of the class. This is a blended learning class. There is approximately ten hours of online learning for you to do on your own, prior to the in-class session. 

Personal Equipment: You should already have the following equipment from your previous Lifeguard class, that you will need for the skills session*
Lifeguard Session
Materials Needed; Pocket Masks with one way valve (Adult & Pediatric or Universal), Hip Pack, Whistle, and Lanyard.

If you are planning to work at a waterfront, I suggest you bring your own personal mask and fins. I will have mask and fins available for use during this session.

*Extra Material CostsIf you misplaced your personal equipment, you can purchase the following items, from instructor, at an additional cost, on the day of the class.

Complete Package (Hip Pack, Pocket Mask, one way valve, Whistle, & Lanyard): $15.00
Or ala carte
Pocket Mask: $7.50
Hip Pack: $7.00
Whistle: $2.50
Lanyard: $1.00

Anyone taking any lifeguarding course MUST successfully complete all of the pre-course requirements. 

Lifeguard Only Pre-course Requirements:

  • Must be 15 years old by the completion of course. Proof of age may be requested.
  • Swim 300 yards (12 lengths of pool) continuously, demonstrating breath control and rhythmic breathing using front crawl or breaststroke. Goggles allowed.
  • Tread water for two (2) minutes using only the legs (hands under arm pits or above the water)
  • Complete within 1 minute, 40 seconds: From shallow end of pool, swim 20 yards, surface dive to retrieve a 10-pound object from the deep end of pool, return to starting point holding brick with both hands while keeping face out of water, and exit water without using ladder or steps. Goggles NOT allowed. YOU NEED TO OPEN YOUR EYES UNDERWATER. (contact lens wearers please be aware of this)

Waterfront Pre-course Requirements are the same as the Lifeguard pre-course requirements with the following additions

  • Swim an additional 250 yards (10 lengths) for a total length of 550 yards (22 lengths).
  • Swim 5 yards, submerge and retrieve three submerged objects placed 5 yards apart in 4 to 7 feet of water, resurface and continue to swim another 5 yards. Goggles NOT allowed.

Fall 2021 Session

Participants MUST successfully pass written and skills test to receive certification.

Lifeguard Recertification Only

Bring Extra Towels
       To Be Determined      

Waterfront Module (valid only with current Lifeguard certificate)

             Spring 2022

POOL: Aquatic & Family Center at JFK Middle School, 100 Bridge Road, Florence, MA 01062
(Enter through back of the building, rear glass doors across from the tennis courts)

BEACH: David B. Musante Beach: 85 Reservoir Road, Leeds, MA 01053

Fees: (includes $25 non-refundable pre-course swimming test and all other materials)
                                        Lifeguard Recertification Only:
                      Lifeguard Recertification with Waterfront: 
(participant needs to provide mask & fins)
                                       Waterfront Only: (participant needs to provide mask & fins)

Pre-registration required, as space is limited and a minimum number is required to run this class.

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The online portion MUST be taken on a PC or Tablet, (course is NOT supported on a smart phone device). The online course MUST be completed before attending the in-class session. Most learners complete the online portion in approximately 10 hours. However, your experience may vary widely based on several factors including your PC, internet speed, and previous training. I recommend beginning the online session as soon as possible to ensure there are no issues. 

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Follow these instructions for launching the Lifeguard online courseYou will receive the syllabus for this course when you register

Lifeguard Recert Online Instructions Opens in new windowYou will receive syllabus for class when you register 

Please call the Parks and Recreation office at 413-587-1040 if you have further questions.